Humans need not apply

“First they came for the horses, and I did not speak out- 
because I was not a horse.”  – Skynet wins poetry contest on subject of humans in 100 years (closest contender)

Say what you will about progs, but they occasionally really “get it.”  Their proposed solutions of course are hilarious (none in that video as pointing to a problem is far less divisive than attempting to solve it).  

At some point though we as a society (or rather, those who run it) will have to make a decision with regards to what to do with those who are superfluous.  A few come to mind, undoubtedly less entertaining than watching them burn down their own neighborhoods, but probably more efficient.  Maybe the owners of capital can truly come into their own (excellent read and a subject for another day):

“Rather graciously because it delights them and puts them into good spirits; for those who are cruel enjoy the highest gratification of the feeling of power.”

Some form of sterilization of the lower orders is long overdue.  Perhaps a guaranteed life income of 1k USD a month in exchange for permanent sterilization at age 18.  Or 16 the way things are headed.  The type of person willing to take that deal is probably the type you want taking it.

Of course, the “what to do” is trivial relative to the “how to get it done.”  One thing is for certain:  that which cannot go on forever… will not.

Regardless, this is at best a temporary solution for the lower orders.  As automation climbs the job ladders, those now enacting the solution may soon find themselves being enacted upon.  And, whether voluntary or not, let us not forget the fate of the Solarians.



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